I have come to believe that camp is one of the most spiritually significant weeks of a students life each year.  As a parent, it is one of the greatest investments you can make into the spiritual development of your student!


1.  It is time away from the busy routine and the distractions of every day life that often make it difficult to hear God’s voice.
2.  It is a time away that provides moments of discussion around faith, doubts and struggles with trusted and equipped adults.
3.  It is a time away that allows a student to worship God and focus on who He is.
4.  It is a time away that allows a student to create community with other students who are seeking to connect with God and discover the extraordinary life He has planned for them.

I know that you may have questions about how we run camp, so we took some time to answer some of the most common questions we receive.  If your question is not answered below please feel free to contact me at nick@fbcboise.org.


FAQ's for Jr. High and Sr. High camps

How are they going to be getting up to camp? Who will be driving?

The students will be transported up to camp in one of your church’s vehicles or church approved vehicles. All drivers have been background checked and placed on the church’s insurance. For more information on the transportation details that pertain to your specific church, contact your youth pastor.

What is your stance on cell phones? Why?

Please contact your individual youth pastor to find out your church's specific policies. We ask that cell phones will not be a distraction up at camp. As a camp we would like the students to have the opportunity to get away and engage the relationships there, and we believe that limiting cell phone distractions will help us accomplish that.

What is the rooming situation? Can my student request a friend to be with? Are the boys near the girls?

We will be rooming in cabins filled with bunk beds. Students will need to bring their own bedding (sheets and blankets, or sleeping bags). There will be designated guy and girls cabins. We do the best we can to accommodate all requests for rooming.

Do I need to send any extra money? How much?

Sending extra money is at the discretion of the parent.  The only extra costs at camp are the snack shop that is open two times a day, optional merchandise to buy.

Will they be going off campus?

We don’t typically take students off campus unless we are doing an all camp activity like tubing, ice skating, skiing, etc.   All off campus activities abide by our two adult rule, which simply states that two adults must be present at each event.

What is your stance on PDA?

We request no public displays of affection while at camp.

Skiing/Snowboarding?  Who is providing this service? What is the cost?

We will taking a group skiing/snowboarding at Brundage Mountain in McCall on that Monday while the rest of the students head home.  This group will return home Monday evening. If you have your own passes and equipment then don't forget to bring them with you.  Make sure to label all of your equipment.

  • Lift Tickets: Please purchase your lift tickets in advance HERE or bring money to buy your lift tickets that day. 
  • Equipment Rental: $39 for students 12 & over.  There is an additional for to fill out at registration for those needing to rent equipment.

Is there a nurse? Can my child take his or her own medicine or do I need to give it to the nurse?

We do have a certified nurse who attends all of our camping events. If your child is on any kind of medication or has a medical issue we encourage you to note that on their registration form. High school students may take their own medicine with parent permission. We just ask that you notify us at check-in so the nurse is aware of any prescription medication.

Who do I pay? When is my money due?
Payments can be given to your church. Double check with your youth pastor, but generally money will be accepted up until the day we leave - however paying prior to registration will speed up the process. If there are any other issues or questions regarding money contact your youth pastor. 

What should I Bring?

  • Bible, Notebook, Pen

  • Toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant,

    feminine products etc)

  • Warm clothes and clothes to play in the snow
  • Ski/Snowboarding equipment

  • Sleeping Bag or sheets & a pillow

  • Spending Money for snacks, camp merch and food on the way to and from camp. (Parents, we suggest

    no more than $50, but its at your discretion)

  • What not to bring: Air soft guns, fire works, alcohol, drugs, cell phones, inappropriate music (if you have to ask don’t bring it), portable DVD players/kindles/iPads, items for pranks, anything expensive you don’t want stolen or broken

What to bring at registration?

  • Tubing waiver
  • Medication
  • Money if you haven't paid your registration fee